With purse frames, we can create bag in a variety of sizes and styles. However, do you know how to attach your fabric to purse frames? Measure the purse frame. Draft a square or A-line bag shape by using the measurements. Separately construct the outer part and lining for your purse, leaving an opening in
With proper care, you can use your high-quality leather purse – a fashion item for many years. However, leather purse will pick up musty odors if you place it in a damp area. If this happens, you are eager to know how to get a musty smell out of your leather purse. Take purse outside
Cute purse plays an important role in our daily life. However, what should we do if our purse smells bad? How to clean purse to keep it smelling and looking fresh? Clean purse every week or two weeks. Place a canvas purse in a washing machine on the gentle cycle with mild laundry detergent. Mix
With linings, we can make a professional looking purse. And, it is very easy to make a drop in lining for a purse. Measure depth and inside circumference Measure the depth of the purse and the circumference around the inside of the purse. For instance, you get a measurement: 7″ X 26″. Cut fabric Add
It is believed that almost everyone has encountered this issue: the snap snapped when we fastened purse. In this situation, we can fix the snap instead of throwing away the item. 1. Remove the broken snap. Carefully pry under the snap. Pop off the snap by using the screwdriver as a lever without ripping the
Some people like hanging kimonos on the wall to add color and drama to the interior design. Preparation Spread kimono on a clean surface. Place it out flat, and make sure the shoulders pass straight through the top, sleeves and body straight down. If you plan to hang it facing out, lay it face up
During the wedding, the groom wears traditional Japanese formal clothing, and the bride wears a bold and beautiful kimono. Want to know more details about traditional Japanese wedding dress. Ceremony Dress A Japanese bride wears a traditional white wedding kimono with the simplest design, the shiro-maku, during the wedding. The shiro-maku does not show embroidery,
Want to do some fun craft projects with your children together? Here, you can try making a kimono from old white T-shirt. This simple project can encourage your child’s creativity. When it’s finished, kids can show their new customized kimonos to their friends. Steps to Make a Kimono from a T-shirt Place T-shirt flat on
Kimono, a traditional garment with obi, is T-shaped. You can introduce the kimono to children to make they learn about Japanese culture. You can even teach them how to make a kimono out of a bed sheet. Fold a twin flat sheet in half lengthwise. Measure the length between child’s shoulder and toe. Cut the

How to Hang a Kimono on a Wall

Japanese kimonos, beautiful pieces of art, are displayed on a large, plain wall in Western home, giving an exotic touch to the interior design. Here’s how to display your kimono. Put the bamboo or dowels through the kimono sleeves, starting from the end of a sleeve, through the collar, from the second sleeve. Spread the
It needs some time to make a kimono costume. But, you can wear this kimono to attend any costume party for many years. Cut fabric according to the pattern to get six panels, and each of them measures two yards long and 22 inches wide. Mark the side of the panels will equal the top
A tea ceremony is a ritualized form of making tea practiced in the Chinese, Korean and Japanese cultures. Everyone should wear appropriate clothes to express respect for the ritual tradition. Ceremony type Japanese tea ceremonies strongly encourage the wearing of a kimono. Korean tea ceremony requires traditional dresses, blouses or pants. After a wedding, some

How to Value a Lucite Handbag

In the late 1940s and early 1950s, designers like using Lucite, a plastic material, to bags in different shapes and sizes. Now, many people like to collect Lucite handbags. But they don’t know how to value a Lucite handbag? See Color The most valuable Lucite colors are in the order of red, water, yellow, emerald
Every handbag collector wants to buy a high-quality vintage purse instead of a fabulous fake. However, some of them may don’t know how to identify vintage bags. In general, when buying vintage purses, you should check their outer skin, stitching and lining. 1. Collect basic information Read books about vintage purse history from public library.
With proper care, a leather handbag should last for years with its handsome appearance. Considering that leather specialists and professional cleaners need high fees, we can try using a washing machine to bring our bag back to life right at home. 1. Determine If the Bag Is Safe to Machine Wash Determine if the color
Polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is not only used in rubber products but also used to make flooring, decorative sheets and artificial leather. And, imitation leather PVC handbags don’t quire much care or maintenance since they are stain-resistant. With a handful of common household products, you can easily clean your bag within a few minutes. Regularly

How to Stiffen Handmade Purses

It is easy to make purses. However, most beautiful fabrics which we used to make purses lack the durability and stability pursers require. Therefore, sometimes, we need to stiffen handmade pursers to hold their shape during use. Steps to Stiffen Handmade Purses Cut two pieces of fusible webs which are one inch smaller than the
Almost everyone loves denim jeans since they are sturdy as well as easy to clean. What’s more, denim is attractive. Therefore, if your favorite pair of old jeans are falling apart, you can turn them into a purse instead of throwing them. Wash and dry your jeans several times, and they will be easier to