Although handbag designer can make or break our outfit, it needs high fees that most common users cannot afford it. In general, you can decorate your handbag as long as you have a little knowledge and have some right tools. Preparations Determine the type of handbag you want to decorate. With right supplies, you can

How to Paint Leather Purses

Painting a design on a leather tweak your purse more extra personalized. Acrylic paints can help to quickly and safely paint a leather purse, for acrylic paints are flexible. Before painting a leather purse, you had better prepare the purse to take the paint. Steps to Paint a Leather Purse Use old toothbrush and a
Now, since purses come in various styles, it is difficult to choose a suitable one to match our clothing. It is recommended to consider your clothes before choosing a suitable purse. Think about whether your clothes are fashionable, classic, casual or dressed. Think about whether your clothes are solid or patterned. Think about where you
Coach, Inc., a multinational luxury fashion company is worth about $4 billion, is known for accessories and gifts for women and men such as signature fabric purses. Coach purses have fashion and durable quality. But as time goes on, you will realize that there is some dirt on your Coach purse. Fortunately, we can easily

How To Clean a Burberry Bag

Thomas Burberry, founded in 1856, focuses on and distributes ready-to-wear outerwear, fashion accessories, fragrances, sunglasses, and cosmetics. This British luxury fashion house offers distinctive check pattern which has become one of its most widely copied trademarks in 1920. Burberry bag requires special care when cleaned. Empty the Burberry bag of its contents before you begin.
You can use different materials including recycled items lying around the house to make your own handbags and purses. Simple Purse Cut the pattern of purse. Place the purse fabric flat. Place the lining on top of it. Fix the paper template on the material. Fold the top and bottom edges of the purse fabric

How to Make a Purse Stiff

It is believed that many users have experienced the frustration of a floppy purse. It is difficult to store purser if it is lack of stiffness. Now, some tips below can help to stiffen an existing floppy purse. Construct purse in layers The thinnest, floppiest usually consists of only one layer of fabric. You can
Want to know how to make a handbag? You can make lots of different handbags. That way you have completely different handbags for each environment outfit. Besides, if you make a handbag with inexpensive fabric placements, you can easily clean it if it gets soiled. Steps to Make a Simple Clutch Bag Apply the placement

How to Clean Handbag or Purse

What should we do if our handbag or purse is dirty? Methods below can help us to clean it. Follow any care instructions attached to the purse. Empty the purse of its contents. Open purse as widely as possible and shake out any dirt or debris. If the lining looks strong enough, you can gently
Quick and easy drawstring bag can be used to as potpourri sachets or can be used to store organize sets of blocks or other small toys. Drawstring bags made of velvet and satin can be used as jewelry pouches. However, how to sew quick and easy drawstring bag or pouch in any size? Determine the
It is very difficult to choose a suitable purse to carry to a wedding. In general, you need to consider what you want to bring and what you will do at the wedding! Clutch Purses At wedding, you may transport your purse with you to all of different locations, from the ceremony to the cocktail
It is very important to keep your handbag clean, for we carry it to everywhere, all day long. And, many users like purses. However, most of them don’t know how to clean handbag. In general, with a few simple home products, you can easily and quickly clean handbag. Steps to Clean a Purse Empty the
Simple drawstring purses are easy to carry. Thus, more and more users carry them when they are shopping or traveling. And, users can see purse’s contents as long as they set it upright on a table or counter. Cut an 8-inch circle from lightweight cardboard, creating drawstring purse bottom. Cut the pattern from a heavyweight
Today, Gucci handbags, one of the modern staples of status, are considered to be among the hottest accessories a girl can own! Gucci handbag can be very expensive, but is worth the investment for it can be worn daily for many years. Fashion House As an immigrant hotel worker in Paris and later London, young
As long as you can make you own purse, you can own lots of different purses to go with every outfit. With some recycled materials like cereal boxes and old clothes, you can easily make clutch purse. Steps to Make Your Own Purse Cut a long rectangle and a triangle from cardboard. You can look
Clutch purse is light and small so that it’s easy to carry with you. Clutch purse comes in various styles, colors and fabrics. Thus clutch purse can perfectly match with your everyday outfit. Pursers with shoulder straps are popular with women. You can add shoulder straps to your clutch purse to make use of your
It is a challenge to make beaded purses, for you should know some basic information for sewing as well as the basic beading stitches. 1. Choose and cut fabric for purse and lining Choose silk or ultrasuede fabric for your purse. Cut the fabric 4 inches wide and 12 inches long, or any dimension you
With linings, you can turn your normal purse into a professional one. Measure the depth of the purse from the inside top edge to the bottom. Measure the circumference around the inside of the purse. For instance, you can get this measurement: 7″ X 26″. Add a 1\2″ seam allowance to that measurement. You will
The closure on a handbag is made of two round balls who clasp together like a kiss and touch each other. This is the kiss lock. Put the fabric on a flat surface in front of you. Sew the pattern on top of the fabric. Cut the pattern, remove the pins from the fabric and
It is easy to make magazine paper purse, saving the planet. We can see recycled magazine paper purse all around the world. Compared with regular paper, we can see recycled magazine paper is thicker and more colorful. Steps to Make a Clutch Handbag from Recycled Magazines Cut out two 7 x 5 inch rectangles. Cut