Some purses stored in the dusty closet are probably antiques worth several hundred dollars. Appraise any purses that may qualify as antiques. Check all purses that could possibly qualify as antiques. Repair any visible damage. Find each purse’s manufacturer’s label. Search it on the internet to get more information to understand the value of your
Clutch purse can go with formal as well as semi-formal attire. You can make a new leather clutch. You also can rejuvenate an old clutch with a new lining. Envelope-Style Clutch Cut the lining fabric. Use a square or rectangular lining fabric to make a cell phone, compact or lipstick pocket. Cut the patch enough
Sometimes, you need a satin drawstring gift bag to store rings, earrings or other small jewelry gifts, or store a gift certificate or gift card. Now, you can easily make satin gift bags. 1. Preparation Cut a rectangle 15 inches long by 6 ½ inches wide from satin. Use a finishing stitch on a Serger
Drawstring bags come in different sizes, each with a different purpose. For larger bag, you can use it as a tote bag. For medium size bag made from bright fabric, you can use it as a fun summer purse. For smaller size bag made from satin or velvet, you can use it as an evening

How to DIY Clutch Bags at Home

People who wear evening gowns or dressy outfits always have a clutch purse. Almost all fabric can be made into a clutch purse. Unless otherwise noted, you had better use 1/4-inch seam allowance. Steps to Create a Clutch Purse Cut four 10-by-7-inch pieces of fabric. Cut two 10-by-7 inches pieces of fusible interfacing. Iron one
As we know, a good makeup can give you a better mood and make you feel more confident. And, if you want to attend a Chinese Costume party, you had better wear a traditional Chinese makeup. In general, you can easily and quickly create a style reminiscent of the Chinese culture with a few basic
Qipao, classic Chinese dress, becomes more and more popular for formal dress or in daily dress and becomes first choice in girls’ wedding. Have you ever wondered how the cheongsam was created or why qipao is red? 1. Legend of Chinese dress Qipao / Cheongsam Long ago, a young fisherwoman often felt hindered by her
Now, more and more users like using a tie or other small vintage supplies to make an evening bag. Steps to Make an Evening Bag from a Neck Tie Disable the label, interfacing and lining from the neck tie. Iron the fabric, and cut the length of the tie into four equal pieces. Stitch the
Satin, a delicate fabric comes in variety of weaves, requires special care when cleaned. Carefully read the label before cleaning your stain evening bag. If you still have some doubts, you had better take it to dry cleaner. In general, you can wash any type of satin at home with a basic and gentle method.
With fancy fabric, any style of purse can be turned into an evening bag. It is recommended to choose satins, silks or brocades because of these fabrics not only can match your outfit but also have an elegant look and feel. Follow the directions below to make a simple drawstring evening bag. Steps to Make
It is difficult to identify one traditional “Chinese” dress for China has a history of thousands of years and has 56 ethnic groups. But, most foreigners will firstly think of Qipao when it comes to Chinese traditional dress. A cheongsam is an elegant yet simple silk dress that features a high neckline fastened with decorative
Hanfu, a single silk robe or set of robes, is the most recognizable form of Chinese costume besides Cheongsam, and now people just wears it for festivals and other cultural exercises. However, now, almost everyone in every country knows hanfu after watching Chines films. Steps to Make Chinese Hanfu Create a pattern. Draw a 40
There are 56 ethnic groups in China. Different group has different types of clothes. However, when it comes to Chinese fashion, Westerners will firstly think of Qipao also called Cheongsam. Qipao has a high neckline fastened with decorative clasps. Make Your Own Cheongsam Find the pattern you wish to use from online or local craft
Qipao is an elegant and traditional dress for Chinese women, and now it is also popular in Western culture. It is very easy to make a Qipao at home on your sewing machine. Choose dress pattern and fabric Choose a Qipao dress pattern with two pieces to create the stand-up collar, two pieces for the

How To Wear Cheongsam Qipao

Cheongsam, first developed in Shanghai in the 1920s, is a body-hugging one-piece Chinese dress for women. Cheongsam can be long or short and embellished to fit into various settings. It has great differences from the traditional qipao. The original qipao was wide and loose, and covered most of the woman’s body. Cheongsam is designed to
The History of Shanghai Qipao The Chinese qipao originated in Shanghai. In the period of the Republic of China, Chinese women began to wear these clothes in a traditional style. Qipao design from the Qing Dynasty Manchu women robe transformed, it is a noble clothing. Modern qipao was born in early twentieth Century, popular in
The name “cheongsam“, meaning simply “long dress”, entered the English vocabulary from the dialect of  China’s Guangdong Province. In other parts of the country including Beijing, however, it is known as “qipao” or “chipao“, which has a history behind it. Cheongsam is also called Chinese dress. So, cheongsam / qipao / chipao / Chinese dress
Cheongsam Qipao has many styles, and the change is mainly based on sleeves, front, collar, split, and the length of Cheongsam. Cheongsam Structure Sleeves: wide sleeves, narrow and long sleeves, middle sleeves, short sleeves or sleeveless. Front: round front, straight front, slanting front, double front, Pipa front and so on. Collar: high collar, low collar,or collarless.

The Evolution of Cheongsam Qipao

The late Qing Dynasty After the Opium War, the European-style suits entered China first. The wide and loose body had  gradually become short and narrow. In 1919, the Ordinance about garments was announced by the National Government and cheongsam was established to be the national garments. In 1920s In the early Republic of China,the cheongsam
Cheongsam/Qipao is often called “Chinese dress” for the following reasons: Qipao, which is famous with its harmony and unity, is known as the representative of the Chinese dress culture. It shows the elegant temperament of Chinese women, demonstrates the culture and virtues of our nation . It creates an impression of simplicity and quiet ,charm,