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Kimono is a traditional Japanese garment. The word “kimono” actually means a “thing to wear”. Kimono is wrapped around the body, and tied with an Obi, or a Sash around the waist. Japan was a collection of loosely tied clans. Japan had increased trade with China, for they aspired to become an Empire. Chinese dress
Different dynasties have different Chinese ancient clothing. Hanfu, Han dynasty’s traditional dresses, has a history of more than three millennia. Japanese traditional clothing, on the other hand, is changing with every dynasty. During the Shang Dynasty, the basic design of the Ancient Chinese clothing Hanfu was largely developed. It had 2 basic styles. The Yi
Do you know the Kimono? In general, Japanese Kimono is one of the world’s most beautiful and expensive traditional clothing. Japanese Kimono is able to transcend both time and culture. Japanese Kimono emphasizes the wearer’s taste for class and modesty due to its breath-taking colors as well as its design. History Kimono was considered as
Some people like hanging kimonos on the wall to add color and drama to the interior design. Preparation Spread kimono on a clean surface. Place it out flat, and make sure the shoulders pass straight through the top, sleeves and body straight down. If you plan to hang it facing out, lay it face up
During the wedding, the groom wears traditional Japanese formal clothing, and the bride wears a bold and beautiful kimono. Want to know more details about traditional Japanese wedding dress. Ceremony Dress A Japanese bride wears a traditional white wedding kimono with the simplest design, the shiro-maku, during the wedding. The shiro-maku does not show embroidery,
Want to do some fun craft projects with your children together? Here, you can try making a kimono from old white T-shirt. This simple project can encourage your child’s creativity. When it’s finished, kids can show their new customized kimonos to their friends. Steps to Make a Kimono from a T-shirt Place T-shirt flat on
Kimono, a traditional garment with obi, is T-shaped. You can introduce the kimono to children to make they learn about Japanese culture. You can even teach them how to make a kimono out of a bed sheet. Fold a twin flat sheet in half lengthwise. Measure the length between child’s shoulder and toe. Cut the
Japanese kimonos, beautiful pieces of art, are displayed on a large, plain wall in Western home, giving an exotic touch to the interior design. Here’s how to display your kimono. Put the bamboo or dowels through the kimono sleeves, starting from the end of a sleeve, through the collar, from the second sleeve. Spread the
It needs some time to make a kimono costume. But, you can wear this kimono to attend any costume party for many years. Cut fabric according to the pattern to get six panels, and each of them measures two yards long and 22 inches wide. Mark the side of the panels will equal the top
A tea ceremony is a ritualized form of making tea practiced in the Chinese, Korean and Japanese cultures. Everyone should wear appropriate clothes to express respect for the ritual tradition. Ceremony type Japanese tea ceremonies strongly encourage the wearing of a kimono. Korean tea ceremony requires traditional dresses, blouses or pants. After a wedding, some