With proper care and clean, you can maintain your handbag or purse. Clean Leather Material Bags Apply small amount of leather cleaner or saddle soap to a cloth. Use it to lightly rub soiled areas in circular motion. Wipe clean. Dry it. Apply a small amount of leather moisturizer to a piece of cloth. Use
Sometimes, people may put litter in their bag if they cannot find a trash can. However, most of them don’t know how to clean the inside of purse. How to get rid of any lingering odors? Empty everything in the purse, leaving a smaller pockets open. Shake purse vigorously to remove most of the larger

How to Clean Handbag or Purse

What should we do if our handbag or purse is dirty? Methods below can help us to clean it. Follow any care instructions attached to the purse. Empty the purse of its contents. Open purse as widely as possible and shake out any dirt or debris. If the lining looks strong enough, you can gently