How to Wash a Leather Handbag

Can we remove the salad stains from our leather handbag? Can we clean our leather handbag to restore its luster? Yes, we can but we should gently wash it. Empty your handbag. Do not forget any compartments. Deal with the stain left by a ballpoint pen you left inside. Pull out the lining from the
Genuine leather handbags require extra attention. However, do you know how to clean leather handbags? Clean the Leather Clean your leather handbag after using it about a week. Dampen a clean, soft and lint-free cloth with a bit of water and mild liquid soap. Use this cloth to simple wipe your bag, removing day-to-day surface
It is very important to keep your handbag clean, for we carry it to everywhere, all day long. And, many users like purses. However, most of them don’t know how to clean handbag. In general, with a few simple home products, you can easily and quickly clean handbag. Steps to Clean a Purse Empty the